10 Warning Signs Your Kidneys Are Not Working Properly — Do Not Ignore!

Numerous kidney diseases can develop without any symptoms, which can cause a delayed diagnosis of life-threatening conditions. Over 30 million adult Americans in the United States have kidney disease, yet the majority are not aware of it, claims kidney.org.

There are several physical indicators of kidney failure, but occasionally individuals mistake them for other illnesses, according to Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, Chief Medical Officer at the National Kidney Foundation.

Additionally, kidney disease sufferers frequently don’t show any symptoms until the condition is advanced, the kidneys are failing, or there is a significant amount of protein in the urine. Only 10% of persons with chronic renal disease are aware of their condition, which is due in part to this.

It is vital to recognize any disease at the earliest stage and below are the non-obvious signs your kidneys are not working properly.

#1 Skin Rashes

Fluid buildup is a result of kidney issues. The inability of the kidneys to remove uremic toxins from your body might cause skin rashes when there is an excess of fluid in your system. Consult a doctor if rashes do not go away after several days of treatment.

#2 Panic attacks

Panic attacks can happen for a variety of causes, including genetics, persistent exhaustion, and stress. Sweating, abrupt increases in blood pressure, and an accelerated heart rate, which are symptoms of panic, may indicate an adrenal tumor or pheochromocytoma.

#3 High blood pressure

Blood arteries are damaged by hypertension, which can lead to renal failure. It is more challenging for kidneys to remove toxins from the body when the blood flow is too strong because it weakens and strains the blood vessels.

#4 Muscle cramps

A body’s electrolyte balance may be out of balance if it experiences severe muscle cramps. Muscular cramps can result from an imbalance of potassium and magnesium, which are essential for proper muscle function. However, a liquid surplus brought on by inflamed kidneys may potentially be the root of this issue.

#5 Back pain and high fever

A kidney issue may be indicated by an acute backache, frequent urination, vomiting, and a high temperature. Visit your doctor right away if you notice any symptoms so they can be properly diagnosed.

#6 Tachycardia

Excessive levels of potassium that diseased kidneys may not be able to get out of the body and can have harmful consequences on the cardiovascular system. Due to the fact that some symptoms are simple to confuse with those of other conditions, heart rate disruption can be significant and may necessitate lab tests.

#7 Swelling

Water that is present in excess causes swelling. They can develop anywhere on your body but typically start close to the feet, eyelids, and cheeks. Migraines, drowsiness, muscular discomfort, and bone pain are some additional side effects that may accompany swelling.

#8 Bad breath

An infection of the urinary tract is one of the reasons why you have bad breath. A slight ammonia odor and metallic taste in the mouth are caused by metabolism products because they remain in the body for a longer period of time and may enter the digestive tract.

#9 Feeling cold even when the temperature is warm

Anemia can cause shivering, sleeplessness, weakness, respiratory problems, and exhaustion. Erythropoietin, a hormone that encourages the synthesis of red blood cells, may be produced less frequently as a result of kidney issues. Kidney issues may sometimes manifest as anemia.

#10 Dryness and itching of the skin

A surplus of phosphorus that is not leaving the body as quickly as it should might cause itching, dry skin, jaundice, and hyperpigmentation. As the kidneys are not functioning properly, it may also be because of intoxication brought on by metabolic byproducts.

Diabetes, being older than 60, having heart or blood pressure issues, being overweight, and smoking are all risk factors.

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